Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ladies.............why not finish your year with a BANG!! Let the Holidays and the New Year be the perfect excuse for glowing and putting yourself in the spotlight!! Let your light shine wherever you go. Make up your mind to be the Beautiful and Unique Goddess that you were created to be. So often, we spend time focusing so much on our responsibilities, like - the children, the spouse/significant other, the home, the job, the bills, the meals, ......and so much more - that we simply forget about #1 (OURSELVES). So, I'd like to encourage those of you (myself included) who fall into this category to take the last 2 months of this 2007 year to focus on you! Give yourself permission to love yourself. This means, giving attention to the total you - both inside and out.

First, I would suggest that you begin by focusing on the inner you. Do a quick analysis. Ask yourself - how do I feel? Are you pleased with your health? Whether you are or are not - why not start with the basics? Everyone knows that exercising, good nutrition, drinking more water, and getting adequate rest will improve your overall health. The simple things really can make a difference!! Oh, and don't forget to do a quick check of your thoughts (your mind). It is also a part of the inner you. Your thoughts often time dictates how you feel. We've all heard of the saying, "Garbage in - Garbage out!" Choose to rise above the trash. Soar to new heights. Launch out into the deep!! The perfect book for this is "Become a Better You", by Joel Olsteen. You truly can become all that you desire and are destined to become - if you just believe.

Second, after you have worked on your inner self - you should take a look at your outer self. Do you like what you see? Why not enhance your look? We could all use a little make-over, every once in awhile. Could you imagine waking up to the same day - over and over again? Think about it, "If seasons change - then why shouldn't we?" Why not approach each part of the day as if it were a different season. For instance, think of morning as Spring, that's when the flowers are fresh and blooming. Ladies, that's exactly what we should be (Fresh and Blooming)!! Tip: Wake up early, before your spouse or significant other and freshen-up by brushing & flossing, showering, moisturizing (face, body, and hands), then finish with a nice fragrance. Once you're done - climb back in bed. Let your spouse/mate enjoy waking up to a beautiful flower next to them. Next, think of the rest of the day as Summer, sizzling hot!! Truly focus on looking and feeling your very best. Regardless of your career (Executive, Self-employed, Stay at home mom, or whatever) - Dress for success!! Tip: Look at fashion magazines, websites, blogs, tv shows, etc. for the latest styles and trends. Add a little color to your face (lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and/or blush). Accessorize with a little jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet, and/or rings). Look and feel great!! Then, as evening approaches - think Fall. This is when the leaves are changing. It's time to settle down. Make subtle changes to your look. Tip: Pull your hair back or simply let it down, remove your jewelry, switch from lip color to just a lip gloss, put on more relaxed clothing, freshen-up your fragrance. Play soft music and/or read a book. At last, it's bedtime. This is like Winter. Time to hibernate. Think of sleeping beauty. Remember, how calm, soft and beautiful she looked? Trust me when I say this.........."Men truly do look at us while we are sleeping." So, before you go and grab that outdated robe, or the oversized T-shirt................think again!! Tip: Wear something soft, sexy, and sensual when you sleep. Again, moisturize your skin (especially, your hands and feet). Keep fresh mints, water, lip and hand moisturizer by the bed, and use them each time that you get up during the night. Don't forget your fragrance. Just remember - what you did to get them (your spouse/mate), is what you're going to have to do to keep them! Think of yourself as a beautiful rose petal, gently closing in on yourself for the day.

Finally, get out your camera and take some updated photos of the new and refreshed you. Post them around the house, at your work station, and/or carry them in your purse. Let them serve as a reminder that - YOU are important, YOU are beautiful, YOU are special, YOU are unique, ..........and that YOU are it!! There is no other YOU, and there will never be another YOU!!!!
In closing, Ladies - take care of YOU!!! It's showtime. So, go and let your light shine...............Lights..........Camera................Action!!

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